Alice Fairley

Not your typical female.

Alice Fairley is not like most females. She loves planes- not to ride in them, but to work on them. She decided to follow her passion and enroll in the Alabama Aviation School of Mobile and study avionics. “I’ve learned so much about the avionics industry,” Fairley said. “My training on the electrical system of the plane was a challenge but well worth it. I learned about the plane’s electronic instruments- radios, navigation-radar system, wiring, etc. “

She further states that her training will allow her to work on boats as a marine electrician because their electrical systems are similar to an airplane.

The support of Mobile Works and her instructors made a difference in her success. “I strive for academic excellence and determined to make the most of my education and career,” Fairley reiterated. “I want to use my conventional strengths in the field to develop and build positive relationships in the industry.”

Prior to attending the aviation school, Fairley worked in payroll for a local company.

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