BAE Systems

BAE Systems - Southeast Shipyards, Training Homegrown Talent
On-the-Job Training Program

BAE Systems - Southeast Shipyards has been a leading ship repair facility in Mobile for more than 75 years. BAE Systems - Southeast Shipyards also builds all types of vessels, from shrimp boats to tug boats. More than 800 Bender-built ships currently operate worldwide.

With that kind of output, BAE Systems - Southeast Shipyards needs a well-trained and experienced workforce. They have a well-established training program in place and a long-standing relationship with Mobile Works.

The reason for the emphasis on training is simple. “We want to give local people opportunities,” says Dudley Saucier, Vice President of Production, Manufacturing, Planning & Training. Or as Dale Jermyn, Director of Process Improvement and Training puts it, “We like to grow our own.”

BAE Systems - Southeast Shipyard’s training program pays students while they learn so they concentrate on multiple crafts ranging from welding to electrical work and fabrication. Mobile Works covers 50% of the training costs of their OJT candidates, which number 28 in the current class.

“Mobile Works does a good job of screening their candidates. They give us people who are serious about work,” Saucier adds.

BAE Systems - Southeast Shipyards has 800 employees in production, including welders, electricians and ship fitters. The workload varies, but the goal is to never lay off an employee and to attract people who are interested in long-term employment.

As for businesses looking for job trainees, Jermyn has a word of advice, “I would recommend Mobile Works OJT program. It’s been an excellent program for us.”

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