Dennis Mosley

Dennis Mosley
Individual Training Scholarship Program

Dennis Mosley Received the Help He Needed—Now He Gives Back to Others 
Dennis Mosley uses a Microsoft® advertising slogan to motivate himself and it works! A few years ago, Microsoft® came out with a catchy slogan, “Where do you want to go today?” According to Mosley, it made him start thinking about where he wanted to go.

At that time, Mosley was a Microsoft® Certified Systems Engineer certified in Microsoft® 2000 (MCSE 2000 Engineer), but he was working two part-time jobs. One was at Domino’s Pizza and the other was at the Mississippi Army National Guard. Not satisfied with those jobs and longing to get back into his field, Mosley wanted a consulting job or network administrator position, but found that his skills were dated and he needed to go back to school. 

Unsure of how he would accomplish that, Mosley found his way to Mobile Works and Terri Cunningham, Case Manager for the Mobile Works Individual Training Scholarship Program. According to Mosley, “I was astounded! I had absolutely no idea that there was a federal source of funds available to completely offset my tuition at 100% and help me upgrade my skill set. I also immediately realized that my background could make a difference—not only for myself, but for others.”

Cunningham began to provide Mosley with professional counseling with a personal touch that showed him she truly cared about his future. And she shared with him that he could supplement his existing dated MCSE 2000 skill set and upgrade it to get the kind of job he dreamed of. Mosley says, “I thought to myself at the time, ‘Dennis, you are going to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity and then help everyone that you can—everyone who suddenly finds themselves out of work!’ and then I set about to do just that!” 

Mosley got his Individual Training Scholarship and graduated certified Microsoft® training with the upgraded skills and the requisite Microsoft course completion certificate from Southeast Technical Solutions Inc., a Microsoft® Certified Partner for learning solutions, as well as licensed post-secondary school. Mosley chose Southeast Technical Solutions because he felt a licensed post-secondary school would combine his new Microsoft® training with his previous college courses, which would be a better fit for him, given his new goal to be an instructor. 

Mosley graduated with flying colors and is now an instructor at Southeast Technical Solutions, where his mission is to pass on his knowledge to everyone who needs it. Mosley says his favorite part of his job is that he gets to give back to everyone who gave to him—he helps his employer by being a great instructor, he helps his clients and he helps the Mobile community by helping people get the certified training they need to get good jobs.

According to Mosley, “I always ask myself and my students, ‘What do you want to learn today?’ And I keep asking that. I ask myself and I ask them: ‘Where do you want to be in three years and what do you want to be doing? How are you going to get there?’ The answers are always the same—keep on trying and keep on learning!”

Mosley says, “There is a real need today for employers to understand their employees’ need for and appreciation of training. It signals to employees that they are valued when an employer invests money in them. My job is to make sure employers see the value and to make employees more valuable. In fact, I want to make all of our students their company’s “go to” person! I believe that if the company closes, our students should be adding value to the very end—they should be the next to the last person out the door, with the last person being the janitor!”

Southeast Technical Solutions brags on their website that Dennis is their own “go-to guy” and urges site visitors to check out his certifications. Mosley holds an astounding eight Microsoft ® certifications, including certifications as a Microsoft® Certified Professional, Desktop Support Technician, Database Administrator, Applications Developer, Systems Administrator, Systems Engineer, Solution Developer and Trainer, in twelve programs. In addition to his Microsoft® certifications, Mosley is holds eight other certifications in A+, Linux, Network and Novell programs.

In spite of all the praise and in spite of all of his accomplishments, Mosley remains humble, saying, “Our computer curriculum is so dynamic and the roll-out of new technologies is so quick, that I find myself continually challenged to stay abreast of the current curriculum and to plan for future training events.”

Mosley heard an advertising slogan that made him think about where he wanted to go and he decided that once he got there, he would help others answer that same question for themselves. Mobile Works applauds Dennis Mosley for making his own dreams come true and for sharing his knowledge with so many other people so they can make their dreams a reality also. Thank you, Dennis Mosley!

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