Dianne Glass

Dianne Glass

I am a success because I have overcome the many hardships I recently faced. I was recently divorced after 27 years of marriage when I found I was being laid off for the third time in a three year span. Without a college education and at 49, it was very difficult to find a good paying job in Mobile like I had in the past.

I was employed with Ruby Tuesday's Inc. as a Purchasing Coordinator for nine years. I was laid off in December of 1998 when the company moved their corporate headquarters to Maryville, Tennessee. After being unemployed for four months, I was offered a position as an executive secretary for Barber's Dairy. After a little over a year of employment, a decision was made to close their Mobile plant. The next job I had lasted less than year, after which I was laid off once again.

While filing for unemployment compensation, I learned about Mobile Works program. After completing the interview and application process, I soon found out that I was eligible for assistance to go to college. I made the decision to go into nursing, because I felt that while I would be contributing to end of the nationwide nursing shortage, a nursing career would in turn offer me the job security I was seeking. After passing the entrance exam at the University of Mobile, I was accepted into their Associate Degree in Nursing program. It was extremely difficult to go back to school at my age, and taking my prerequisites along with my nursing left me no time for a job.

Through the financial assistance I received from Mobile Works, as well as a lot of hard work, I was successful in meeting the University of Mobile's School of Nursing stringent 80% passing requirement and received my diploma on May 1, 2004. Shortly thereafter, I was hired by Mobile Infirmary where I am currently working on their Neuro Step-Down Unit. After I complete their nurse graduate orientation program and pass boards I will become a registered nurse. Thanks to Mobile Works and the assistance of Brenda Bright, I have a career that offers me job security, a good income as well as a bright outlook for the future.

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