Montez Anderson

A Real SUCCESS Story
If you're looking for a study in success, look no further than Montez Anderson. Anderson, a 2003 graduate of Williamson High School, credits his college-readiness to the SUCCESS 2003 program funded by Mobile Works in partnership with Bishop State Community College and Williamson High School.

As a senior, Anderson was an ROTC cadet with a 3.16 grade point average at Williamson, yet still needed assistance to pass the language section of the Alabama High School Graduation Examination (AHSGE).

He decided to participate in the after-school SUCCESS program, after hearing about it from his teachers and counselor. Art Culpepper, Anderson's language tutor in the Youth SUCCESS program stated, "Montez was a serious, focused student who understood the importance of preparing himself for the test." Anderson successfully passed the entire AHSGE exam in March 2003 and graduated with his class in May 2003.

Because of his outstanding work ethic, positive attitude and commitment to achievement, Anderson was chosen for the summer work program, along with nine others. As a part of the program, Anderson also participated in enrichment sessions, learning about a variety of subjects, including money and time management, college study skill development, career exploration and conflict resolution, as well as internet applications and health issues.

Anderson worked as an assistant in the Bishop State Community College library for eight weeks. "Montez Anderson was highly dependable, learned quickly and did all he was asked," said Robert L. Parker, Director of Library Services for Bishop State, "and that is exactly what we look for in the young people who work here."

Anderson received a scholarship to Bishop State and is currently majoring in electrical engineering. Dr. Keflyn Reed, Chairman of the Division of Humanities for Bishop State and coordinator of the SUCCESS program with Williamson High School, says Anderson is a "hardworking young man who seems determined to be a success." Montez Anderson is, with his parents, "forever thankful" to Mobile Works, Bishop State Community College and Williamson High School, for his success today.

The SUCCESS 2004 program is underway and looking for a new generation of committed students. In addition to instructional assistance to pass the AHSGE during the regular school year, students enrolled in the program receive readiness training and are paid $10.00 a day during the school year, and are eligible to be selected for a summer work program. Bishop State also offers scholarships to outstanding students in the program.

Anderson's story clearly shows other young people what can be accomplished through hard work and the extra push that students receive from the SUCCESS program.

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