Susan Mullins

From an office assistant to an on-the-road driver

Susan Mullins would travel to her job as an administrative assistant. Her daily routine meant getting dressed for work and hitting the road for her morning drive to the office. Today, her routine includes getting dressed for work. But, her morning drive is no more. Susan has turned driving into a full-time job.

About two years ago Susan was laid off of work and her husband encouraged her to consider becoming a truck driver. Given the economic downturn, Susan decided to give it a try. Susan was able to enroll into Bishop State Community College with financial assistance from Mobile Works. “The staff at Bishop State Community College and Mobile Works was very professional and accommodating. My instructors were awesome!” stated Susan.

When asked about her experience compared to office work, Susan stated that she really enjoyed traveling to various states and cities verses being confined to an office all day. “I’ve learned to drive in all types of weather,” states Susan. I’ve driven in rain, fog, ice and snow.”

Susan is employed as a on-the road driver with Riley-Sanders Truck line. She further stated that she really enjoys her job and encourages others to consider skills training if they are suddenly faced with being laid off. “You can turn misfortune into a golden opportunity,”stated Susan.

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