The Mundy Companies

The Mundy Companies
On-the-Job Training Program

Continuous Improvement Delivers Value
O.E. Edmond, has been with the Mundy Companies for over 28 years, since 1977, and prior to that was in road construction. A Mobile native, Edmond is married with four children, eleven grandchildren and two great-children. He manages over 64 employees for the Mundy Companies operations at the Mitsubishi plant in Theodore Alabama.

The Mundy Companies, headquartered in Houston, Texas, has been in the industrial services contracting business since 1955, when the company was started by A. J. Mundy, Jr. His goal for the Mundy Companies was to establish long-term relationships with his industrial customers by saving them money on every job and at the same time provide secure and rewarding work opportunities to his employees. The company saves industrial customers money by providing temporary and/or long term workers on demand for virtually any kind of industrial operation. 

Besides the Mitsubishi plant in Theodore Alabama, the company has three other operations in Alabama, including in nearby Decatur and Foley, as well as Bucks. Besides Alabama, the Mundy Companies operates a multi-state operation in states including, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia, Delaware, Kentucky and Iowa.

The cornerstones of the Mundy work philosophy are safety, quality and productivity, according to Edmond. He says, “When I started, you didn’t have the emphasis that you do today on safety at a lot of companies, but Mundy always stressed safety with its employees. Mundy has one of the best safety records in the industry because of that and it is what allows us to do quality work and produce real results for our customers.” 

Another Mundy key to success is flexibility and a “just-in-time” workforce. Mundy provides multi-skilled workers who can perform many tasks, so complex jobs get done in a shorter time with fewer people, instead of making customers wait for several workers from different trades. The high quality of the Mundy Companies crews has even been recognized by no less an authority than the U.S. Department of Labor. In some plants where their customers have been certified as an OSHA site, Mundy crews have even been certified with their own OSHA Star. 

Another of Mundy's unique claim to fame is that they routinely reduce labor costs for their industrial clients by an average of 15%. Edmond states, “We do deliver on that promise every day. We have a continuous improvement program and our employees compete to come up with ideas that will streamline our client’s operations—and it works! We have saved clients collectively anywhere from $8 million to $12 million dollars a year company wide for the last several years.” One way Edmond did that himself was to utilize the Mobile Works On-the-Job Training program with the Mundy staffing at the Mitsubishi plant.

Edmond states, “The On-the-Job Training program is fantastic. It certainly saved me a lot of time and gave me a better caliber of applicants. And all the pre-screening and matching was really what I was looking for. Not only will I keep using it myself, but I highly recommend it to other hiring managers.” Edmond adds, “The money that was saved was significant—we gave that back to Mitsubishi—but the time and effort saved was even more important to me, because, of course, all that was given back to Mitsubishi too.”

The On-the-Job Training program is being considered by the Mundy Companies for many of their other operations in Alabama and other states so that they can repeat the success that Edmond had right here in Mobile County.

At Mobile Works, we are proud to have delivered value and service to the Mundy Companies with our On-the-Job Training program, so that they could deliver the same value to their client, Mitsubishi, in the form of money returned to Mitsubishi’s bottom line. Where it counts.

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