Thomas Wiley Ferrell

Wiley Ferrell
Printing "Money" With Higher Salary as Printing Supervisor
On-the-Job Training Program

Thomas Wiley Ferrell, 43, who goes by his middle name of “Wiley”, relocated from Mobile to Texas for a better job opportunity last year. The plant closed shortly after his arrival. He returned to Mobile to find that his former job had already been filled. He was referred to Mobile Works by another trainee who was interested in on-the-job training for industrial work.

Although the industrial position was of interest to Ferrell, he still had some concerns about starting all over again in an environment in which he had no previous experience or skills. Belinda Thomason, job developer for Mobile Works, discussed with Ferrell his previous work history and interests and it turned out that he had an extensive work background in the printing industry. 

An on-the-job training position had recently become available for a bindery assistant at Gwin’s Commercial Printing and Engraving. After interviewing Ferrell, Mike Payne, President of Gwin’s, was impressed with Ferrell’s professionalism and expertise. In October, 2003 Ferrell was offered a position at Gwin’s within a day of the interview, but with the added and unexpected opportunity for management training.

Ferrell completed his training at Gwin’s in January 2004. At this time, he is enjoying a work environment which is directly related to his area of expertise and at a salary much higher than he had originally anticipated for the job which he applied for through the On-the-Job Training program. Says Payne, “We are really pleased with Wiley and look forward to continuing to work with Mobile Works and this great program. It’s a win-win.”

As for Ferrell, he is glad to have found success in his position as the bindery supervisor at Gwin’s and is excited to have found a position so quickly after relocating back to Mobile. Ferrell says, “I didn’t think that I would be able to find a position like this in Mobile - it’s the reason I went away in the first place. But, I was proved wrong because there are good jobs in Mobile and the Mobile Works program can help you get one too.”

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