Wardell Pearson

For years, Wardell Pearson, a WIA participant had a successful career in the food and beverage industry. “I thought it was my dream career, Pearson said.  Despite the long hours and my unpredictable schedule, I made good money. Yet, there was something missing.”  He realized he  took the easy way out when he chose a career that didn’t challenge him.

Pearson wanted something more out of life. He enrolled in the Cardiac and Vascular Institute of Ultrasound program. He was told about the WIA program at Mobile Works and made contact with WIA case manager, Shawanda Andrews.  “It was truly a blessing to be accepted into the Cardiac and Vascular Institute of Ultrasound (CVIU) and get financial assistance to pursue my dream career,” Pearson said. 

The assistance from Mobile Works couldn’t have come at better time, Pearson mentioned.  He worked second and third shifts in the restaurant industry while completing the intense program at CVIU.  “The training scholarship eased the financial strain and allowed me to devote more time to my studies,” Pearson remarked. 

In fact, Pearson describes the cardiac program as intense and detailed. “We were tested often- sometime three or four times a week,” he said.  Pearson further mentioned how they looked at the heart, valves and vessels to see how the heart is functioning.”  In fact, the Cardiac and Vascular Institute of Ultrasound of Ultrasound website states the cardiac program prepares the student to perform quality, diagnostic echocardiograms that can be interpreted by the reading cardiologist.

“I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Mobile Works and the CVIC,” a thankful Pearson said.  “I challenged myself to complete the training because I wanted more for my family and myself.”  Additionally, he encouraged job seekers to not take the easy way out when deciding on their career. “Think outside the box, challenge yourself and take advantage of the opportunities afforded to you,” Pearson said.  He also encouraged job seekers to do research before deciding on a career.  The work environment, salary and education and training needed should also be considered. 

Pearson now works for Crestwood Medical Center in Huntsville as a cardiac non-invasive technician. 


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