Zakiyyah Jones

Feeling discouraged and not sure where to turn, Zakiyyah Jones found it increasingly difficult to pay for her education and keep a roof over her head. Zakiyyah seriously began debating whether she should delay her studies at the University of Mobile until a few of her classmates mentioned the WIA Training Program. “This program was the answer to my prayers,” states Zakiyyah. “The staff was very professional and they treated me respect. There was no delay in getting the funds needed and the process was very streamlined. Mobile Works bridged the gap, so I didn’t have to choose between work and school.”

Prior to receiving her bachelor’s degree in nursing, Zakiyyah worked as a security guard at the mall and then as a nursing assistant with Mobile Infirmary. Zakiyyah credits her father’s illness as the catalyst for her passion to pursue the nursing profession. “I wanted to become a nurse, help take care of people and treat them with care when they need it the most,” states Zakiyyah.

Zakiyyah currently works as a Registered Nurse with Mobile Infirmary. “Thanks to Mobile Works’ WIA Training Program, my future looks
bright and I am so thankful that I have obtained the skills needed so that I can take care of myself,” Zakiyyah exclaimed. She further stated that individuals should explore all options before abandoning their dreams of getting a college education which could lead to their dream job. “There is money out there, you just have to be persistent and look. Explore all options!

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