A Reboot Was All I Needed: Patrick Rhodes

A Reboot Was All I Needed

Patrick Rhodes, a U S Navy Veteran, recently moved back to Alabama, and after separating from the military, was actively seeking a job. He came into the Foley office in July 2018 and was determined to be WIOA eligible. He was placed in the On the Job Training Program and hired by Business Information Solutions in Robertsdale. Below is an email recently received from Patrick: 


“Getting back into the IT world was daunting since I spent a few years away from it overseas. I no longer had a security clearance, I didn't have any valid certifications, and I had no real leads or recent experience that would get me back in the IT world. All I had was a BS in Information Technology, but no one seemed interested. I tried all the popular job search sites, staffing companies, and other human resource companies, but I couldn't seem to get work no matter how good my resume looked. I had a short contract before I got picked up for the OJT Program. The program was able to get me back in the industry and understand most of what has changed over the years. I'm still with my employer after I finished the program and I'm not going to stop learning. I feel more confident while moving forward.”

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