All In the Family: Ashley Campbell Edwards


                                                        All In the Family



“I remember one of my high school teachers saying, ‘If you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life,’” states Ashley Campbell. After years of settling for a job just to earn a paycheck, she decided to step out on faith and follow her dreams.

Campbell enrolled in nursing school and eventually received a training scholarship through WIOA. “I worked full-time while going to school at Bishop State,” Campbell recalls. “I had little sleep, but tons of support from my family.”


In fact, her family is the reason she enrolled in nursing school. Her grandmother attended nursing school and her mother has been a nurse for over 38 years. “I’ve witnessed the ups and down of the profession by watching my mom,” Campbell states. “I saw how dedicated she is to the nursing field and how rewarding it is for her to help a family member or a patient in their darkest moment.”



Campbell’s dreams have come to fruition. She has graduated from nursing school and will start working as a registered nurse in the nephrology department at a local hospital. She thankful for the WIOA training scholarship. He tears, late night study sessions and hard work finally pays off.

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