Four ways to jumpstart your job search if laid off due to the coronavirus outbreak


by: Pamel Ware

Going out to dinner, hanging out at your local coffee house, holding down jobs and other normalcies of life have been replaced with notices of school and business closings to combat the spread of the coronavirus. However, in the midst of the chaos, life must go on. Even though there's an uncertainty about the next step, things will slowly get back to normal at some point. If you were recently laid off as a result of the coronavirus, consider the following:

1. Know your options regarding unemployment benefits and resources available for dislocated workers. To file a claim online, visit or call 866-234-5382.
If you need job search assistance, please visit the Alabama JobLink website at  (click here )or

 call your nearest Alabama Career Center.

To contact the Alabama Career Centers, click here.
To file for unemployment in another state, click here.

Check with your local financial institutions if you're experiencing hardship meeting your financial obligations (mortgage, car payments, etc.) due to the layoff.

2: Skill build. Use your down time to work on a resume, brush up on your computer skills and consider training for a new career.  Visit (click here) to learn about training opportunities under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).  You could be eligible to train for high-wage, high-growth careers in maritime, aviation, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, information technology and other industries in two years or less. Also, check out the eligible training provider list by visiting or  click here.

3: Know who's hiring.  Keep abreast of the latest job openings. For example, the hospitality industry may be stifled due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, shipping and delivery companies, such as Amazon have seen an uptick in business. Walmart and fast food restaurants such as Dominos need workers to keep up with the demand. 


4: Stay positive. Spending time with family, seek spiritual guidance, read a book and help others. Focusing on the negative is counterproductive. You may have to shelter in place, but at least you have power, water and the internet to stay connected. William Arruda's article, "9 Ways To Stay Positive During the Coronavirus Pandemic"  suggests focusing on the positive is essential to keep you energized during these uncertain times.