Interview Dress

Proper Dress and Appearance 
Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off. You’re finally landed that sought after job interview. NOW WHAT! What to wear? What not to wear? Listed below are few tips to help you dress for success and get the job you deserve. 

Dress Conservative. No trendy outfits!
Wear a suit (skirted suit) or dress shirts and slacks
No sheer material
Skirts should be knee length
No exotic hairstyles or unnatural hair colors
No heavy make-up
No perfumes should be worn (interviewer could be allergic)
Present a neat and clean appearance 
clean and polished conservative dress shoes 
well-groomed hairstyle 
cleaned and trimmed fingernails 
well-brushed teeth and fresh breath 
no gum, candy, or other objects in your mouth 
minimal jewelry 
no body odor 
Hide tattoos and body piercings (conservative ear piercings for women are acceptable)

Dress Conservative. 
Wear a suit and tie or a conservative sports coat (no plaids or wild patterns)
Navy, Gray or suits are more conservative colors for a job interview