Interviews Do's and Don'ts

• Do research the company • Don’t come unprepared
• Do dress appropriately • Don’t dress casually
• Do pay attention to hygiene • Don’t neglect appearance
• Do prepare questions to ask • Don’t act uninterested
• Do shake hands • Don’t give a limp handshake
• Do bring paper and pen • Don’t lack energy
• Do bring a list of references • Don’t be too familiar
• Do be on time • Don’t over-emphasize money
• Do be enthusiastic • Don’t be indecisive
• Do maintain eye contact • Don’t stare
• Do be positive • Don’t name drop
• Do wait to be seated • Don’t criticize a former boss
• Do be honest • Don’t make excuses
• Do be assertive • Don’t be too aggressive
• Do show you are a team player • Don’t criticize former coworkers
• Do send a follow-up letter and call • Don’t forget to follow up
• Do practice answers to possible questions • Don’t be caught off guard
• Do give your own opinions when asked • Don’t argue
• Do let the interviewer lead the interview • Don’t talk too much
• Do ask for the job • Don’t act uninterested
• Do ask the next step in the process • Don’t leave without establishing a next step or follow up time

25 Reasons Applicants Don’t Get the Job

1. Poor appearance 

2. Passive, indifferent 

3. No knowledge of position or 

4. Lack of tact, bad manners 

5. No definite career plans 

6. Unwilling to relocate 

7. Late for interview 

8. Lack of eye contact 

9. Evasive answers to questions 

10. Limp handshake 

11. Sloppy resume or application 

12. Poor diction or grammar 

13. Over-aggressive, conceited manner

14. Failure to ask about the company or job

15. Lack of confidence and poise company

16. Overemphasis on pay before position

17. Criticism of past employers, bosses

18. Insincerity during interview, shopping around for best offer

19. Reluctance to take the position open/work your way up

20. Wanted short-term, temporary position only

21. Failure to participate in community asked activities

22. Demonstration of narrow interests

23. Inability to take criticism

24. Using high-pressure tactics

25. Cynical attitude, showing intolerance or prejudice