Keys for a Successful Interview

Be Prepared 
Research the company and the salary range for the position ahead of time. Bring your resume, a notebook and a pen so you don’t have to ask for one. Know that you may be asked to fill out an application even though you have a resume. 

Know Where You Are Going 
Know the exact location of the company. Give time for traffic and personal delays. Arrive at least ten to fifteen minutes early. 

The Greeting 
Be sincere and pleasant. Smile and give a firm handshake. Make eye contact. 

Your Body Language 
Do not slouch or seem too relaxed or appear to be too uptight by sitting too stiffly or rigidly. Present yourself as comfortable and confident. Maintain good eye contact, but try not to stare. Smile at appropriate times and be polite. 

Be Enthusiastic 
Show your energy and enthusiasm during the interview. The interviewing is judging your enthusiasm and energy levels at the interview as the gauge for how you will act on the job. 

Act Interested—Ask Questions
Asking pertinent questions shows your interest in the company. It also shows the interviewer that you know how to effectively handle information. If you ask questions that have no relevance or bearing, the interviewer will assume you do not understand the job, the company, or the industry. 

Communication Skills 
Take the time to develop a self-introduction style. Be sure to briefly cover your education, work history and a hobby. The interviewer wants to know you are well-rounded person. Show confidence in yourself and your abilities. 

Key words to use are: profit, challenge, responsibility, developing new skills, team player, etc. Save the discussion of pay and benefits until you are offered the job. 

Say Thank You 
End the interview with a question about the history of the company. Remind the interviewer of your strong skills and how your skills match the requirements of the position. Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to interview.

Ask for the Job 
Finally, ask for the job and smile. Many fail to do this, but you should never leave an interview without asking for the job.