School is almost out. Now What?

Summer camps, volunteering, working and traveling are just a

handful of  opportunities available to students as the school year ends. However, a majority of  high school students spend the bulk of their summer vacation working rather than dedicate huge amounts of time towards leisure activities . Teens seeking summer employment should attempt to secure a job prior to the close of the school year. If not, don't fret. Listed below are few tips to consider when looking for a job:
Know thyself:   Young job seekers whose primary interest is earning money should seek a job that clearly states that a wage will be earned.  If work experience is the ultimate goal, consider working for a non-profit agency. Volunteering offers a "low-risk opportunity" to gain valuable work experience, establish solid references and contacts. Likewise, volunteering demonstrates community awareness to social issues and verifies that you actually possess the skills needed to perform certain job duties.  It's a win-win situation!

Where to look: Check out classified ads, professional associations, non-profit agencies, temporary employment agencies, internet, churches, local daycare centers,

retail stores, such as, computer work, babysitting, light housekeeping, cleaning out garages, yard work, washing cars, tutoring kids, Running errands, washing dogs, dog sitting, walking the dog or assisting the elderly. 
Websites: Exploring various websites can assist you in your job search.  You can research job openings and learn more aboutcareers. Listed below are a few websites of interest:

  • Teen Health located at offers tips to help teens with their job search and interviewing skills.  Click on the School and Jobs tab.
  • Check out the Alabama Joblink website found at
  • DOL Kids Page website found   - offers suggestions on possible future careers and part-time work.  Also, the website describes particular jobs, salary, educational requirements and the number of available of jobs in this field.  
  • Teen Summer Job Safety  website found   provides safety and     health information for young workers and provides information about a worker rights and responsibilities. Links to training and other educational tools are also available.  Other websites of interest to consider are   and   
  • In Demand Magazine found at  provides students, guidance counselors, parents and teachers with interesting and relevant information about career opportunities, education and the skills needed for various jobsand fast food restaurants. Furthermore, consider odd jobsgrocery stores, amusement parks, pools and recreation centers.