Where to Get Job Leads

Networking - Tell everyone you know you are looking for a job.

The Internet -  Visit your local career center resource room at the Alabama Career Center for FREE internet access to conduct your job search online.

Federal, State and Local Government Office have a variety of job postings

Local Career Center Resource Room - Job information is available for individuals interested in pursuing local, state and national employers. Career Center employees are available to interview you for specific job openings and assist you in your search for employment.

Local Public Libraries - Libraries have books on occupations and companies, which can supply you with a contact person when sending out resumes.

Newspaper Ads
Telephone Book - The Yellow Pages provide names, address and phone numbers of employers listed by occupation.

Private or Temporary Employment Agencies - These companies can offer you temporary employment.

Community Organizations

Veteran’s Placement Centers

Unions and Apprenticeship Programs

Journals and Newsletters for Professional Associations and Trade Associations