Clarke County

Clarke County is governed by the Clarke County Commission, consisting of five members elected by the citizens. The chairman of the County Commission rotates every nine months. Clarke County is approximately 1,230 square miles and lies in the southwestern part of the state bordered by Marengo, Wilcox, Monroe and Baldwin Counties. The Tombigbee River flows along the western edge of the county, and the Alabama River runs along the eastern edge of Clarke county. Its vast land mass creates the perfect environment for camping, fishing and hunting adventures. In addition to recreational activities, Clarke County has job opportunities and resources for employment. Manufacturing, retail and healthcare and social services dominate the labor market, according to Labor Market Information. Job seekers interested in employment opportunities are encouraged to visit the Alabama Joblink and your nearest Career Center located at 3090 US-43, Jackson, AL 36545.

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Jackson Career Center
3090 Highway 43
Jackson, AL 36545